Map of Atomic Industry Contamination of the United States

*** protip: click map pins twice to re-scale pop-up info window ***

This map will show all major known sites contaminated

by the atomic industry.

This project started Dec 2013.

Where available, maps of aerial gamma radiological surveys and measured contamination will be displayed.

The New York map is complete (but not all radiological surveys are displayed, yet) as of 21 Dec 2013.

– ┬ámuch more to come: the remainder of the USA.

The current focus (as of 22 Dec 2013) is on DoE sites, with infographics.

The first Infographic is the Washington, D.C. location for the EPA – be sure to visit that pin.

The Rocky Flats, CO Infographics are up…Please, visit that pin…

Notice that you can street view and that the EPA documents are hyperlinked.


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