UFOHQS gets an average of  more than 2,000,000 page views annually; each 15 seconds, a page is viewed on UFOHQS.

Every summer in July, UFOHQS gets a complete makeover, with new information sources, features, systems, themes and capabilities.

The system is funded by the author and costs $400 annually for hosting and security.

UFOHQS is not a business and does not make money from the website or ads. The ads pay for hosting and security.

UFOHQS merchandise can, however, be purchased online (at CafePress). Go ahead – buy a t-shirt or a thong for your girl!

UFOHQS was designed to serve many purposes and includes numerous features:

– A webpage showing hundreds of headlines and excerpts from UFO news stories and UFO blogs

– Automatic, hands-off operation – self-updating, 24 X 7 X 365

– Robotic inclusion and placement of UFO news articles links and headlines

– Web pages linking to hundreds of sites containing UFO related documents, radio shows, pictures, videos, news articles, government repositories of released documents, discussion forums as well as links to all UFO research organizations.

– A guest blog featuring actual UFO sightings, reported by MUFON

– My blog with links to articles found elsewhere as well as an original fan fiction novel (in progress) for a television series that went where no-one had…

– The blog you are reading now, my tech update site

– A complete social network

– A wiki with thousands of UFO articles

– A robust forum organized to discuss major UFO topics

– Site-wide live real-time chat (text)

– Links to all known UFO maps

– Links to all known UFO search engines

– Links to all known UFO reporting systems

– A built-in translator for sixty languages, in case the site visitor is not using Chrome.

History of UFOHQS

UFOHQS went online in 2009 on Blogspot.

Google’s Blogspot platform offered robust functionality and an excellent GUI for development, but alas, limited access to crucial behind the scenes systems for tuning caching and load management.

UFOHQS migrated to WordPress.com, which offered a more robust ecosphere for development, but was still to restrictive with regard to allowed plugins.

UFOHQS bit the bullet and bought managed shared hosting and migrated away from the WordPress.com, but continuing to use the excellent WordPress content management system.

Currently, UFOHQS is hosted on Hostgator business class service, running on LAMP.  The site is able to perform adequately under heavy load due to a very carefully designed and implemented system of caches and mechanisms.

UFOHQS runs on the latest version of WordPress with the default theme.

Content distribution, acceleration, hacker/spammer prevention and analytics are all provided by Cloudflare.

Of course, anyone sufficiently skilled could determine how UFOHQS works.  One of the key plugins is WP Super Cache, which I strongly recommend for all WordPress sites.

Secondary Goals of UFOHQS

– call attention to UFO themed sites that copy material from other sites

– provide a tool for UFO webmasters and authors to ensure that their UFO stories have the best headline and content

– give the public a mechanism to instantly see all sources reporting a particular UFO story

– show the public the diversity and depth of the UFO phenomena

– Feature a roster of dedicated, professional UFO reporters

 UFOHQS Trivia

– UFOHQS once took out a full page ad in the printed publication “UFO Magazine” – those great folks still link to us from their website…

– UFOHQS is visited by major corporations, government agencies and thousands of cities from all over the world.  In the first six months of 2012, one hundred countries visited UFOHQS.

– UFOHQS announced the launch of the site in 2009 using press releases and notices posted on all UFO discussion forums

– UFOHQS can be reached on many domains:





About the author

Built an open source Linux distro on a USB flash drive, that when booted from a supported netbook, provides these functions:

– firewall / router / wi-fi access point

– file server

– PBX telephone system accommodating landlines, cordless phones,  wi-fi handsets and VOIP clients for smartphones on WI-FI.

– cloud backup of desktops and file server

– automatic and self-configuring operation

– military version of above telephone system in transport case with built-in satellite uplink and plastic roll-up solar panels – netbook is replaced by a low power single board computer running a tiny distro of Linux.

Since that time, the DD-WRT open source project has incorporated many of the features of my! distro into firmware that can be re-flashed into an off the shelf wi-fi router.

I’ve been working with servers, desktops, Windows, Linux, OS X, networks and storage systems since they were invented.  I’ve been all over America, the world and to most every bank in New York City, including the Depository Trust and Federal Reserve.  I’ve even been to Ft. Knox and The Pentagon.  I even lived in Silicon Valley for six months at a hotel while working for a startup!

Now in real life I design websites, do search engine optimization and generate printed material using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and a solid state Macbook Pro.

Certifications and licenses:

FCC station licensee

VMWare Certified Professional (server virtualization)

EMC Proven Professional (Ethernet virtualization)

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt 

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