Service – Nuclear-Free Venue System

The nuclear free venue system

absolutely ensures that nuclear material

DOES NOT proceed past the checkpoint into the nuclear-free venue.

A primary screening system diverts high-dose sources for final analysis.

The secondary system diverts medium and low-dose sources for final analysis.

A tertiary system performs an instantaneous determination of the identification of the radioactive source:

– A precision gamma radio spectrometer performs instantaneous radionuclide identification and informs the operator as to the threat level (natural, medical, industrial, weapon)


The fee for the nuclear-free venue system is $10,000 for the initial deposit and survey.

The operation of the nuclear free venue costs $1,000 per hour.

On-site security MUST coordinate with NFVS management for ALL entries/exits/re-entries.


The detection and identification equipment used is IAEA certified – the same tools used to detect and locate nuclear weapons and materials worldwide.


Email for scheduling.

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